OKI Partner

In 2011, our company has extended the authorisation to sell OKI products. OKI is a well-known producer of top-quality dot matrix printing solutions. Recently, it has expanded into small and big-scale laser printing. Our company also continues to offer superior servicing and maintenance services (guarantee and post-guarantee) for OKI printers.

Digitus Partner

In 2011, our company was awarded the title of Certified Installer of Digitus Professional Wiring Systems. This entitles us to design, install and test network systems and to give a 25-year systems warranty for these solutions. Digitus systems are a cost-effective alternative to relatively more expensive solutions of the competition, […]

Cisco Small Business Partner

In 2011, our company became an official authorised partner of Cisco – Small Business Partner, while our employees received intensive professional training and were granted the titles of CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) and CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). Cisco is a world leader in innovative network technologies and its […]